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Device Telemetry Filter


This component allows to filter incoming telemetry messages by their values. This filter is very useful if you want to apply rule based on certain values of telemetry. For example, engine controller may periodically report it’s temperature. When engine temperature is higher then 100 degrees you may rise an alert. Filter expression is written in javascript.


You are able to write boolean javascript expression using bindings that match keys of your telemetry message. If you are not sure that certain key is present in your message, you can add check it’s type for undefined. For example, filter below will match if temperature is higher then 100 degrees.

typeof temperature !== 'undefined' && temperature > 100

Assuming following telemetry message uploaded from engine controller device:

{"temperature":1100, "enabled":true, "mode":"A"}

Following filter will match if device is enabled, operating in mode ‘A’ and temperature is greater then 1000 degrees

temperature > 1000 && enabled == true && mode == 'A'

If you are not sure that all temelemtry data points are present in the message, you should use following syntax that adds all necessary “null” checks

typeof temperature!== 'undefined' && typeof enabled !== 'undefined' && typeof mode !== 'undefined' && 
temperature > 1000 && enabled == true && mode == 'A'


As a tenant administrator, you are able to review filter example inside Rules->Demo Alarm Rule->Filters->Device Telemetry Filter.